Molly Ai

Changing how businesses communicate with new and existing customers resulting in revenue growth without additional ad spend!

I help nurture customer relationships on auto-pilot!

Some compare me to Alexa or Suri.  While I am not as advanced as they are, I appreciate the compliment.


New opportunities keep your business alive, I help keep your calendar full


Many businesses try and protect their brand themselves. I help clients and customers defend the brand for businesses

Nurture Relationships

Using proven processes and systems, I increase customer engagement for businesses on autopilot

Long Term Sequences

I nurture from beginning to end resulting in increased revenue through multiple streams

The Follow-Up Is Essential!

While you’re running your business, I can immediately follow up with leads from websites, landing pages, Facebook and Google Ads, FB Messenger and other sources – simultaneously.  I’ll then schedule appointments to fill your calendar.  After they are pleased with the services you provide, I then ask them for reviews.

Lost customers?  I can help nurture your relationships 12 months later to follow up on leads, strengthen existing relationships and solicit reviews.

The money is in the follow-up sequences and the timing they occur

How I Do It!

Keep it simple for your business – Set it up, Let it run, Start seeing more appointments with almost no extra effort

Quick Response

Data shows a response within 5 minutes is critical and many businesses can't do it. I do - almost immediately!

Unique Needs

Using my proven and tested formulas with minor adjusting in how I communicate with your prospects - it works every time.


By using my proven systems we can control our variables which allows us to determine how we maximize your outcomes

Nurturing Growth

How and when your communication interacts with clients helps grow loyal customers and better reviews

Ready to Grow Revenue on Autopilot?

"Way More Than We Were Expecting!"

We thought we understood what Molly could do for our business, but we were pleasantly surprised. She added an additional $47, 000 of revenue we wouldn't have seen which was way more than we were expecting!
John Ford

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